Buy silver in Wisconsin

wisconsinWisconsin is a state that is positioned in the north central part of the U.S. The state is surrounded by Iowa in the southwest, Michigan in the northeast, Minnesota to the west, Lake Michigan in the east, Lake Superior in the north and Illinois in the south.

The state’s name is inspired by the Wisconsin River which has red sandstones along its banks. Hence many believe that the name either means where ‘the waters gather’ or ‘red stone place’ in Native American languages. It is also called the ‘America’s Dairyland’ as it the biggest supplier of dairy products in pan America. Its economy is divergent and is based on technology, paper products, tourism and manufacturing as well.

Taxes on silver sales

There is a specific transactions sales tax rate in Wisconsi. This tax is applied for each sale and represents 5% of the price. There are some additional local sales tax required by cities or/and by the county, consequently the total sale tax amount varies between 5% and 5.6%.

Actually, this sales tax is not applied to silver coins and bullion purchases in this state.

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