Buy silver in Rhode Island

rhode-islandRhode Island is the smallest state by area in the United States and its official name is State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. It is bordered by Massachusetts in the north and east, Connecticut in the west and shares water boundaries with Long Island in the southwest.

This state has great historic importance as it was the first state to have claimed independence from the clutches of British rule. It is also known as the ‘The Ocean State’ because of its extensive water boundaries. It experiences both humid continental and humid subtropical climates which indicate rainy and warm summers and very cold winters.

Taxes on silver sales

There is a specific transactions sales tax rate in Rhode Island. This tax is applied for each sale and represents 7% of the price. There is no additional sales tax required by cities or the county.

Actually, this sales tax is not applied to silver coins and bullion purchases in Rhode Island.

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