Buy silver in Michigan

michiganLocated in the Midwestern part of the US, amidst the Great Lakes, the state of Michigan is the largest state present on the banks of the Mississippi River. It is blessed with a continental climate except for Grand Rapids and Saginaw Bay which are situated in the Lower Peninsula as they experience warmer climatic conditions.

As far as economy is concerned, there are a variety of products and services that it excels at like furniture, soft drinks, information technology, aerospace and mining of iron ore and copper. Michigan holds thirteenth position as a contributor to the gross domestic product of the country with Texas and Florida.

Taxes on silver sales

There is a specific transactions sales tax rate in Michigan. This tax is applied for each sale and represents 7.5% of the price. There is no additional sales tax required by cities or the county.

Actually, this sales tax is not applied to silver coins and bullion purchases in this state.

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