Buy silver in Louisiana

louisianaLouisiana is positioned in the southern part of the United States and quite interestingly it is the only state which is divided into parishes which are equivalent to counties. It has a lot of fauna owing to its vast marshes that were formed by the Mississippi River and its sediment. Ibis, tree frogs, egrets, paddlefish are a few examples of such wild life.

It has an array of tribes that outnumber any other state located in the southern part of the US. It has a favorable humid subtropical climate which means hot and humid summers and milder winters. It has a stable economy based on poultry, sugarcane, paper products, petroleum, coal and cattle as of now.

Taxes on silver sales

There is a specific transactions sales tax rate in Louisiana. This tax is applied for each sale and represents 4% of the price. There are some additional local sales tax required by cities or/and by the county, consequently the total sale tax amount varies between 4% and 11%.

Actually, this sales tax is not applied to silver coins and bullion purchases in this state.

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