Buy silver in Kentucky

kentuchyKentucky is a state positioned in the eastern part of the south central region of the United States and is a commonwealth that includes states like Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Virginia. It became an independent state in 1792 and is also called the “Bluegrass State” after the bluegrass that is exclusively found in the pastures of the state. It name is derived from the Kentucky River and some say that its name may even mean ‘prairie’ or ‘meadow.’

It experiences humid subtropical climate which indicates that it faces hot and humid summers with cold winters. It has a booming economy that depends on goat farming, beef, corn, automobiles and it is the most productive belt of coal mining of the US.

Taxes on silver sales

There is a specific transactions sales tax rate in Kentchuky. This tax is applied for each sale and represents 6% of the price. There is no additional sales tax required by cities or the county.

No tax exemption for buying silver coins and bullion in this state.

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