It Is Difficult to Be Pessimistic About Silver at These Levels

Silver has been a lackluster performer this year, but as investors’ appetite for gold improves, silver might share in the yellow metal’s prosperity. “It is difficult to be pessimistic about silver at these levels,” with prices that don’t provide an incentive to boost supply, says Maria Smirnova, senior portfolio manager at Toronto-based Sprott Asset Management. […]

Global Mine Supply From The Top Silver Producing Countries May Decline

The global mine supply from the top silver producing countries may decline more than the industry forecasts.  The leading consultancies reported that global silver production would increase moderately by 1-2% in 2018.  However, the data from several countries and large mining companies suggest that overall world silver production may decline by 2-3+%. For example, the top […]

LBMA Delegates See Silver Rising to $15 by Next Year

A poll of delegates at the LBMA conference in Boston predicted higher prices in a year’s time for silver. Delegates expect silver prices to rise to $15 an ounce by the end of October 2019 from around $14.50 today. The LBMA forecast represents a 3% gain for the year. In an interview with Kitco News […]

US Mint Sales New Record for 2015

2015 has been a big year for the US Mint, and in particular the Silver Eagle coin, because in 2015 the sales figures for this year far surpassed the annual figures generated since 1986, when this coin was first minted. In fact, the demand was so high that in November, the US Mint had to […]

The 12 Year Silver Deficit

In the final quarter of 2015 the Silver Institute released their 2015 Interim Report on the global status of this precious metal, and there was a big surprise in store as they reported that silver has suffered through a 12 year deficit. This essentially means that the world is using more silver than it is […]

David Morgan: The Gold to Silver Ratio and State Control on Silver Buying

Exclusive interview with David Morgan (The Morgan Report) on silver and its relation to gold : – Have gold and silver bottomed? – The gold to silver ratio – The debt bomb, US dollar collapse, China and the monetary reset – State control on gold and silver buying – Gold and silver manipulation – Coin […]

Investors Are Likely to Increase Their Net Silver Purchases in the Years Ahead

Investors are likely to increase their net silver purchases in the years ahead, largely due to an ongoing weak global economy, for capital preservation and silver’s pedigree as a leading industrial metal, according to a report released today by the Silver Institute. The report, entitled “Silver Investment Demand,” suggests that investors may accumulate as much […]

Our Money System Makes People More Materialistic

  Lars Schall: Philipp, thank you for talking to us today and let me first ask you: why do you think the financial crisis is connected to the way money works? Philipp Bagus: Thank you Lars. The simple answer is that we have fractional reserve banking in a fiat money system. Banks may create money […]

The Silver Conspiracy

  It’s now going on close to 30 years since I first discovered that silver was manipulated by excessive and concentrated short selling on the COMEX. I remember the exact moment like it occurred yesterday. It’s hard to believe I was in my 30’s when this started. As I’ve explained previously, I was looking for […]

Gold and Silver versus the Petrodollar Peril

  Jim Goddard: My guest is David Smith, Senior Analyst for the Morgan Report which you can find online at Welcome to the show David. David Smith: Good to be back, Jim. Jim Goddard: Gold and silver versus petrodollar perils, maybe explain to us what you feel that is and why investors should be […]