Buy Silver : Your Guide to Buying Physical Silver


BUY SILVER is your reference guide for investing in physical silver. It contains many pages of advice to help you understand how the actual economic system is functioning and to assimilate the fundamentals of the silver market. explains why one should invest in physical silver and how to do it. Also, get information on the fiscal laws on silver and make your decision knowingly.

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Buying Physical Silver


Looking for a safe means of protecting your assets from the economic crisis? Silver is an affordable and wise investment if your goal is for the long-term protection of your purchasing power from inflation. Today, silver represents an important growth potential, due to demand coming from both the industry and from investors.

Since 2008, more and more investors are taking positions in precious metals like silver because, in this time of monetary uncertainty (notably inflation), silver plays, as gold, a role of tangible safe haven.

Still a « precious » metal, silver is more affordable than gold and could overperform the yellow metal in the years to come, due to its hybrid precious / industrial metal status.

It should be noted that the silver market is smaller than gold’s, which amplifies its volatility. Inexorably following the laws of supply and demand, silver prices go up progressively but surely, and have yields well above those of real estate, any stock or any other financial product.

That being said, as for gold, we strongly suggest that you hold physical silver instead of paper certificates.